Tuesday, August 21, 2007

True Happiness??

I never did properly introduce many of you to my newer Vanagon. You all saw the photos of the really cool one with the murals and the cool head liner... Well that one is long gone and I bought another one last May. These are the pictures of that one. Some of you saw it when I drove it to Utah last month.

I thought I had found the true happiness I had been seeking. But I realize now that it was only a temporary fix. True happiness cannot be found in my 1990 Vanagon Westfalia....no matter how nice...even if it does come equipped with power everything, cruise control...even Air Conditioning isn't enough...nice, but not the source of true happiness. It made me feel happy for a short while...but it isn't true, lasting happiness... You know, when I look back at my blog about the little yellow Vanagon (Affectionately known as Midnight), I thought that was true happiness too. That is not to say that I am not happy...I am. I have just realized that my happiness can't be found in those Vanagons...I can't believe I could be so very, very wrong...

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Anonymous said...

First of all--TWO POSTS in less than a week? What's going on here?

Are you sure the happiness doesn't come from a vanagan? Because there's a red one I keep seeing around and I was thinking that I should buy it and then I, too, could experience true lasting happiness.