Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting to "YES"...and chickens...

Everywhere I turn there is always someone telling me "NO", in one way or another. No, Robin, you can't do it that way, you can't change that class, you can't have that, you don't get to know that, etc. I don't like "NO". I like "YES". I have learned that life is all about getting to "YES".

I am getting good at getting beyond the "NOs" of life and changing them to "YES". I think that is an important life skill and it is one that I teach my children.

Getting to "YES" takes skill, psychology and a little manipulation...sometimes. Is that a bad thing? I mean... In many instances when I get a "NO"...I know there is a "YES" in there somewhere. Some people are just too lazy to say "YES"...or they just don't care. But if it is important to me and not to them, I find it is good to make it happen. When I succeed...I really feel like I have accomplished something.

Today I got to "YES"...and I am so excited.

Today I saw an ad on Craigslist for two free adult Leghorn Chickens, with two 1/2 full bags of feed and a waterer. I have wanted a leghorn or two for a I can get white eggs along with my green and brown. So I was excited when I saw this ad and called right away. When the giver answered, he told me I was 4th in line for the chickens and that he would call me if he got no takers. He was just about to text back the first person.

I hung up knowing that I was not ever going to get to the top of that list and was a bit disappointed...I don't like "NO". Then I got an idea. I called him back and said "If I offer you $10 for the chickens...would that put me higher on your list?". He said...I'll text the #1 person back and tell him they are gone. "YES"!!! I love getting to "YES"!! The two bags of feed were more than worth $10.

Now I just have to get my other "girls" to be nice to the new arrivals.