Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do you think it would be wrong?...

Sarah posted a picture on Facebook of her at an activity with her dad and stepmother. It was titled "Awesome Things I do.". amuse myself I sort of altered the picture a little...I was going to post it to Facebook saying "Fun things I do when my kids are doing 'Awesome Things.' " I was advised against it though. I am not sure I agree, but just to be safe, I thought I would post it here. What do you think?
I think...I should get ready for church.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Recent Favorite Garage Sale Find!!!

So I was out garage sale-ing 2 weeks you would expect, and I found this really nice video camera... had all the accessories, batteries, memory stick, carry along case, flash attachment, and other stuff I needed a new video camera because 2 Christmasses ago, while I was video taping the opening of the presents, Sarah in her excitement ran to get something, tripped on a cord and sent my video camera flying. Needless to say we didn't get to record the event. the garage sale...I was looking at this camera and it looked really nice. I asked the hostess of the Garage Sale how much. She didn't know and kind of beat around the bush and finally asked me what I would give. I told her $ get a feel for what she was thinking. To my surprise, she accepted...which immediately made me wonder if the camera worked. She said "I think so, it's not mine." Well, for $10 I figured I'd take a chance. I got it home and tried it out.... Guess what? It didn't work... :o\ Well, it worked mostly...but the display wouldn't come on.

So I did one of my favorite things...I Googled it. And guess what??? The problem was a common problem that Canon had recalled and would repair FOR FREEEEEEEE!! NOW WHO'S THE VICTIM???

I called Canon, they sent me a UPS label to ship it to them, they fixed it I just got it back today...It works great!!! Now that's a deal!!!