Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Johnson Family Christmas 2011

Ok…get back on your seats…yes, it is a Christmas Card from the Johnson Family…and if all has gone as planned, it is even on time this year. Looking back on the year, 2011 was a good year for our family, and we can see that we have been watched over and blessed.

As a family we completed our goal of travelling to all 48 states this summer when we visited the Southern States. We really enjoyed visiting with our good friends the Corners in Georgia and the Millers in Tennessee. We saw some beautiful sights including the Great Smokey Mountains, and the Everglades. Our country is beautiful…go see it!

We also got rabbits…and found out that what they say about rabbits is true… Suddenly we found ourselves with way more than we wanted. That in itself is a crazy story, but we are now happy with the 3 we have. We discovered rabbits are great pets and love our new additions…Rylie, Chimi (changa) and IHOP.

Jacob (14): Has turned out to be quite the Jock. Well maybe not the “Jock” mentality, but he loves sports and wishes he could play all the time. He especially loves football and was first string for his school team this year. He is currently on the basketball team. He went to his first church dance this year and really enjoyed that as well. He also does very well in school. He even won a 1st place award in the School Science Fair and will get to compete at the County Fair this spring. (He worked hard on that project and really deserved the award.)

Sarah (16): Did I mention 16? Yes! She has her driving permit, but has not had a lot of practice yet. She seems to be in no hurry to drive, which is nice because that keeps insurance rates nice and low for the time being. She and some of her friends celebrated her 16th birthday at the beach in California. A good friend also surprised her by flying down from Washington to enjoy the privilege of taking her on her first date. She was thrilled! This year Sarah has been taking ballroom dance. She loves to dance and is quite graceful! She also loves reading and is an excellent student.

Robin (32): Still plugging away at that Bachelor’s Degree. She is planning on Graduating from Brigham Young University in the Fall of 2012. Independent Study is requiring some growth in the discipline department, but it is coming along. She also got to go to the Antiques Roadshow with her Mother this summer. Found out that the things she hoped were worth a bunch of money..were not. But had a great time re-visiting and playing tour guide to her mother in Savannah, Georgia and seeing the Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina again.

Robin’s sister Karri and her baby Starlette (Star) lived with us for most of the year. We really enjoyed having them. Having a baby around helped Robin get over all of her baby cravings. :o) They moved out in September when they bought a new home…close enough that we get to see each other often. It is fun to have a baby in the family again.

Those are the most exciting things this year. We are happy and healthy and are blessed to have all that we need and even many of our wants. We are celebrating the blessings of the past year and are looking forward to new adventures in the coming year and hope you all are as well. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!!


Robin, Sarah & Jacob Johnson