Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day...

As you well know, yesterday was Valentine's Day... It was a fairly routine day for me...nothing special...which is fine... Until my Mom asked me what I got...and it dawned on me that all of my "boyfriends" have gotten married or moved on in the past year. Chuck #1 just got married about 3 weeks ago. Chuck #2 got married about 11 months ago, and I guess Kemp finally gave up on me...and I got nothing. WOW! Last year I had at least 2 bunches of I have none.

So after that realization, I got on E-harmony. It is this dating site I have heard about where they give you this long personality test and then match you up with your soul mate. I really did it to amuse myself and see what their idea of my perfect mate would be. So after spending about 1/2 hour answering all their questions, I hit the "match me" button...guess what... Out of all their clients they had NOT ONE match for me. Ouch! I wasn't quite sure how to take that. So I figured it was because I had marked that I was LDS looking for LDS. So for fun, I took off the LDS criteria so I could see what matched. Once again there was not a single match for me. That has me wonder I have been single for 8 years... I don't have a soul mate!

I called Chuck #1, explained the situation and scolded him telling him that he was supposed to pine after me for many more years. He was slightly sympathetic, between peals of laughter, but had to go because he and his wife were off to dinner...and you know...they are newlyweds.

I called Chuck #2 today, explained the situation and scolded him because before him guys who dated me didn't get married. He was the one who boldly got married...out of the blue, breaking my all the other guys think they can do the same. He wasn't even slightly sympathetic. Instead he told me that I broke up with him, and then proceeded to tell me what he got from his wife and what he got his wife. Whatever!!

I called Kemp...Yeah, no sympathy there. I think he was relieved not to have to worry about what to get me this year.

Larry called me for Valentines day. He actually had called me a week before to let me know that he had given me up for Lent. Then he called me on Valentine's Day to tell me that he had still given me up for Lent, but he is only calling to wish me a happy Valentine's Day. When I called him back, he scolded me for making him break his Lent.

On a more positive note, my Visiting Teachers came over and brought me some chocolate...they like me. kids like me!!

P.S. ...Saturday marked my anniversary of this how time flies.

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Amy said...

Robin, I love you! Sorry, not in any sort of romantic way, but I love you anyway! And I can't believe Larry would give YOU up for lent--what, are you fattening? Is he addicted to Robin? I don't get it.

You're just too unique for all those losers on e-harmony anyway. Don't change who you are just to match someone on a dating program. The Lord is the best dating service, and he'll find you your soul mate when the time is right.