Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WOW! What a trip!!!

So this crazy thing happened last night. What? You ask? I'll tell you.

I am coming down with a cold, so before going to bed last night I took a shot of my favorite alcoholic I could rest...and went to bed. Sometime in the middle of some dream in which I am yelling at someone...or something...I don't really remember, I heard this loud screech and a crash. I jumped out of bed, immediately thinking that someone had hit one of my Vanagons...Oh the tragedy that would be. Within seconds I was at my front door opening it to see what had happened. I looked out at my quiet you could hear a pin drop. All I heard was the sound of a car in the not too far distance driving down the main street nearby and then silence. Nobody else was freaking out wondering what that horrific noise was. Nobody else had bolted to their door, heart racing... In fact, it was apparent I was the only person who had heard a noise...including my kids. Well, feeling really confused...not to mention kind of silly, I sat dumbfounded on my couch and tried to sort out why I jumped out of my bed and ran to the door....I was also waiting for my heart stop racing and was wondering if going back to sleep would be a possibility. Anyway, I did go back to bed...taking note of the time (1:45)...just in case the police would need to the event I actually did bolt out of bed for some reason. I went back to sleep but kept waking up paranoid that perhaps the noise I heard was someone trying to break into my house...and wondering if it was the NyQuil that was making me so paranoid. I imagine for someone who doesn't wouldn't take much to do funky things to one's head...

Anyway, this morning I couldn't get the experience out of my know like those dreams that when you wake up you are glad they weren't real, but they still feel real all know what I mean? That's how I felt. I told Sarah about the experience and she thought it was weird. Later I told her that I just couldn't tell if it was real or a dream. She asked me how I would ever know. I told her I guess if I drove around the block and saw a wrecked car, I would know it was real.

So on the way to school, Jacob asked me to help him find his cello music. I thought he might have left it in one of my I went out to look. I got past the back of my Vanagon...and there it was. A totally smashed car. Wow! I didn't have a NyQuil induced hallucination...It was real. I called Sarah over to look and both of us were relieved that I am not crazy...or at least that experience was not evidence of it...

I talked to one of my neighbors about it later and asked if she heard it...NOPE. Nobody in my whole neighborhood heard it...go figure. I finally called the police about it at about 10:00... He was pretty amazed that nobody had called earlier, and that nobody but me had even heard it. I have posted some photos of my view from my front door...and then the car just past the end of my Vanagon. Quite a hit to move it up on the sidewalk and into the brick fence post. I imagine someone else's car isn't looking so good this morning...I bet he/she's not feeling very good either. And while I am sorry for my neighbor...who I don't believe has even seen it yet, I am so relieved it wasn't one of my Vanagons. Whew!

Talk about your trippy Halloween Story!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight!

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