Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Goal Not Written is Only a Wish!!!

OK...get back up on your stool...Yes, I am posting a blog. By now, there are probably no followers, but I'm going to post anyway.

Why??? Because I should be studying...and because it is the first day of LENT!!! ...and because I am setting my goal...

For years, since my college days at BYU, I have given up sugar for Lent. Well, I have tried to give up sugar for lent. More years than not, I have been sorrowfully unsuccessful...and if the truth be known, I probably ate more sugar during that time than I do when not giving up sugar. But we'll talk about my compulsive eating binges some other time.

This year I am really going to do it though. I have read online about how it is to be properly done...did you know that Sundays are not included in the Lenten Fast? Yeah...well, I'm not going for it. 46 straight days of no sugar...but that's not all...I'm doing more this year. (As if sugar isn't hard enough!)

Here is my list of foods that are off limits for the next 46 days...

All foods that contain in the first 3 ingredients: sugar or any substitutes including artificial sweeteners, honey, corn syrup, fruit juice, and my personal favorite...dehydrated cane juice (as if). I will allow myself one packet of Stevia per day or 1 TBL of Sugar Free (Fruit Only) Fruit Spread....and I can chew sugar-free gum or eat a mint. Also forbidden: white flour or any items which contain white flour in the first 3 ingredients. This will eliminate virtually all desserts including SF puddings, jellos, cookies, cakes, hot cocoa etc.

My goal is to learn to enjoy eating healthier foods...not to figure out how to eat the same foods but with chemicals instead of calories...and to help me choose complex carbohydrates over simple sugars to get my energy.

Foods I am going to eat more of: Veggies, fruits, whole grain foods, beans, brown rice, and of course lean meats.Last night was my FAT TUESDAY before embarking on my new healthier life. I ate way too much and was painfully full for hours. This only served to reinforce how miserable it is to over-indulge in that stuff. I am excited to get started today...and as my tummy is still recovering from is on board with me at the moment.

Also on board with least sugar-wise is Paige and my daughter Sarah (little does Jacob know that he'll be participating by default).

So here's to a longer, healthier, happier life!!


Anonymous said...

What? A blog post? And to think, I might not have checked here to see it!

Together We Save said...

I saw you comment on another blog about immagration... you are so right!! Why can we see it and elected officials can not??

Amy said...


Just thought I'd let you know that I still read your blog occasionally, which is to say, probably more often than you post. I love your lent idea last year. Did you do the same this year? I'm in for it every year--drop me a line to remind me--that's how I want to eat all the time, but I should especially be able to do it for 40 days a year!