Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back by Popular Demand.....

Ok...I'll post something. I'll do anything to get out of studying.

What to write about. My life is pretty routine. Unlike Jenny who has a constant influx of children coming and going, or Paige who whose kids make sugar cookies into animal cells. (I should make some of those and give them to my old Bio teacher...wait I already got an "A" no need to kiss up to him anymore.) I don't have a son who is freshly driving and raising my insurance rates through the roof like Melinda, nor do I have the creative ability to post any of my creations for the world to see like Amy.

That is not to say that my life is is very eventful. Usually it is so crammed with activities, I don't have time or energy to blog about it.

Did I mention that I took my kids skiing for Christmas? I did...they loved it. We had a fabulous Christmas.

Did I mention I got straight "A" s in school? I did. I am now and honor student with a 4.0 GPA. (sigh)...If only I had known 22 years ago the things I know today.

Sarah is 13 and according to her facebook...she is currently "in a relationship". Yeah...she has more of a social life than I do. Oh well, as busy as I am...who has time for dating?

Jacob is soon to be 12 and doing well in school. In his ELP class he and I worked on an electrical project. We had an electric motor which we made into a fan which blew a boat across a tub of water. When the boat hit the other side, it turned a light on in the house. His project was one of the two best projects in his class. The other kids were really impressed.

I am working as a tax preparer my spare time. I don't work often, but I do enjoy the people I work with.

...And that's about all I can think of. Oh Yeah!!! I am turning 40 in 12 days. Some how I just can't imagine myself 40. However I have noticed that my eyesight is getting a bit weaker, but I am still in denial about that. I tried on a friends glasses the other day and was surprised to see how crisp the world really is. My knee and wrist were aching the other day...something that happens on occasion. When I thought about it, I realized that it was going to rain. My joints now respond to the weather...AKKK! However, I am still young at heart... I may be wrapping up my "Hippie Phase" in life, but I am still just a kid mentally...

That's my life. I go to school, I take care of kids, I clean house, and I sleep. Sometimes I go out with friends...but they are getting used to me telling them I have to study. But they patiently wait for me to tell them I have a small amount of time for them. What great friends.

So that's it...

I did come across this video the other day that I thought a lot of you might like. I like the part with the kids...but I thought the preacher used it as a good model for putting off the natural man with a hope for something better....

So, which kid are you?????


Anonymous said...

What is this? A post from Robin? Wow!!!

Straight A student, Robin. Embrace the oldness that is now your life. it only gets worse from 40.

jen said...

As two of the witnesses of your earlier student-hood, the straight A's are a great surprise to us.
And oh . . . 40. You got me beat by six months. I'll revel in my youth for the next 180 days, then you can taunt me back.