Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raingutter could go two ways!!!

Today was Jacob's Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta. Our ward decided that too many boys (or their fathers) have become proficient at Pinewood Derby Cars, therefore they opted to have a Raingutter Regatta race instead. So I, not having the first clue about building a Pinewood Derby car, much less a Boat, agreed to help Jacob build his Boat. Last year Jacob built a Truck for his Pinewood Derby car. When it weighed in as too light, I suggested that we glue BBs to the bed of the truck to look like it was carrying a load in back. Well, Jacob didn't win the race, and of course that was because of MY suggestion to put BBs in. He reminded me of that recently and truly believes if it hadn't been for the BBs he would have won. Never mind all the super cool, suped up, aerodynamic, slick and greased up cars that were was MY fault he lost because I suggested BBs. Go figure.

So when I took on the Raingutter Regatta I realized it could make or break me as a worthwhile mother. I got on the internet and did a little research to find the tricks to making a winning boat. I found that the catamaran does a much better job and Jacob and I went to designing the boat. I tried to let Jacob do most of it, but helped out a bit. We came up with a pretty decent design, however, neither of us are excellent at decorating such a thing...believe it or not, I can't paint decently to save my life...not even if it is just to paint it one color. So the boat was pretty plain...silver with a Blue Foil Sail.

As we were preparing to go, Jacob was certain he was going to win as he was convinced we had a secret weapon in building a catamaran instead of the typical boat. I warned him that about 1/2 of the boys would likely have done the same as they had access to the internet as well. It came to the moment of truth...the event that would make or break me as a mother for at least another year. The first race, Jacob lost...OUCH! I could see the tears being choked back....I just knew I was going to hear it soon...all my fault! The next race...JACOB WON!!! Yea!!! There is hope. Third and Fourth races...JACOB WON!!!. That put Jacob in the final race for his Den where he had to race the boy who beat him before...twice. If he didn't win both times, he would come in 2nd. First race...JACOB WON! Second race...Jacob Lost...but only by a little bit. Not wanting the excitement to go completely south, I cheered him and told him he came in 2nd place and how great that was. Jacob hugged me and said "Thanks Mom for helping me with my Boat!!!" YES!!!!!!!!!! I am a good Mom! And that's what it's all about!!!


Mich said...

Winning boat or not, you ARE a good mom! A great one, in fact!

Amy said...

Tears were coming to my eyes from the anticipation and excitement. I think I can relate WAY too much! Way to go, you great mom!

Amy said...

Robin, where have you disappeared to?